AutoLeadStar was founded with a singular focus: Create a technology that upends digital marketing in the automotive industry. Our platform is replacing today’s technologically-thin, faux digital with a platform so advanced it mimics the way dealers market and sell in the physical world.

In a world where large-ticket purchases are increasingly determined online, AutoLeadStar is the only technology with the scale, speed and specificity to make highly accurate, one-to-one car-buyer matches.

AutoLeadStar’s platform creates 1:1  sales-ready matches by leveraging cutting-edge, customer centric, AI-driven automation.

Auto dealerships across the US, $1.5 trillion in sales across 40K dealerships, can now market and sell cars as they would in the real world – know each car, assess each customer, make a match – resulting in an average of 4.5 x more quality leads.

Our team of top-tier engineers, data scientists, and world-class customer success managers are helping dealerships across the US meet and surpass online sales goals every month, and we’re proud to partner with OEMs at the forefront of automotive marketing in the service of their dealers.

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Every Client's Success is Our Success

  • David Hobbs Honda

    “I view the AutoLeadStar product as an indispensable tool that I simply will not do without – and the best news is it continues to get better. The AutoLeadStar team never rests in assuring cutting-edge, usable technology that works.”

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  • “Without automation we would never have been able to maintain or exceed our pre COVID-19 performance. AutoLeadStar has given us the opportunity to react fast and deploy campaings instantly. A team of 10 people couldn’t do what Acquire can do in seconds.”

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  • “The team at AutoLeadStar is not only top notch technically but they are great, caring people. They are engaging and feel like a partner in my business. They seem to always be developing ways to improve technology for their customers.”

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Press Highlights

“How The Pandemic Is Creating Opportunities In Slow To Change Markets.”

“AutoLeadStar releases benchmark report on post COVID-19 era.”

“AutoLeadStar releases benchmark report on post COVID-19 era.”

“AutoLeadStar releases benchmark report on post COVID-19 era.”

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