Reach new levels of paid search with fast, easy, competitive ads

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Reach new levels of paid search with fast, easy, competitive ads
AutoLeadStar Testimonial

Smart dealers need to take advantage of machine learning and marketing automation to make their campaigns as efficient as possible; this efficiency, which can only be achieved by a machine, results in the most optimized cost per quality lead resulting in more "bang" for your buck. The Nielsen Automotive Group has confidently partnered with AutoLeadStar because of the knowledge of their team, and of course, because of their state-of-the-art Acquire platform; the platform takes machine learning and marketing automation to the next level and provides us with the great results that we aim to achieve.


DIGITAL MARKETING,Nielsen Automotive Group

Publish and maintain ads at any scale.

Acquire generates thousands of targeted ads for your dealership and updates changes in real-time– day or night.

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Publish and maintain ads at any scale.

Advertise where it matters. 

Acquire partners with Google, Facebook, and Instagram to advertise where the shoppers are.

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Advertise where it matters with our automotive digital advertising technology

Access transparent reporting. 

Acquire creates an event log of every action the AI takes to optimize your account and provides multiple reports to track performance easily.  

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Accessible reporting with AutoLeadStar's automobile dealership software

PPC & Digital Marketing Solution for Car Dealerships

AutoLeadStar’s Acquire is upending the way car dealerships approach digital marketing. Within seconds, your dealership can roll out a competitive, comprehensive ad strategy leveraging all the dealership’s inventory, incentives, trade-in offers, service, and brand campaigns.

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Benefits of Automated PPC & Digital Marketing Solutions for Car Dealerships

Real time optimizations

Automated budget allocation

Customer match campaigns

Connected incentive customer flows

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