Drive more sales with
AI-powered marketing
technology for car dealers.

Instantly generate hundreds of effective
targeted ads that learn as they go.

AutoLeadStar Testimonial

Colin Carrasquillo

Digital Marketing,
Nelsen Automotive Group

The Nielsen Automotive Group has confidently partnered with AutoLeadStar because of the knowledge of their team, and of course, because of their state-of-the-art Acquire platform; the platform takes machine learning and marketing automation to the next level.

Pick your campaigns and let machine learning do the rest.

Choose what ad campaigns you want to run on Google, Facebook and Instagram and AI will optimize performance and budget cross-channel.

Automatically create hyper targeted audiences for every ad campaign.

AI-powered audience automation means no more manual uploads and exports. Reach the right audience with the right ad every time.

Get access to hundreds of customizable ad templates to reach your marketing goals.

Automatically create unique ads for your dealership to promote new and used inventory, dealership services, trade-in programs, and more.

Get Analytic Reports that Speak Your Language.

Get understandable, real-time reports that break down every action taken to automatically optimize your campaigns so you know how your money is being spent.

How It Works

Data Integration

Acquire integrates all of your dealership data sources including your inventory, CRM, and website data to create a comprehensive picture of your dealership.

Ad Automation

Leveraging the data, Acquire automatically segments audiences and creates hundreds of hyper-targeted ads optimized for quality leads in seconds.

Multi-Platform Targeting

Acquire publishes the ads across search, display, and social networks targeting shoppers and conquesting new traffic.

Real Time Optimization

Acquire optimizes your ads around the clock, running multi-variant tests, reallocating budgets and retargeting audiences. The AI identifies and prioritizes high-performing ads with zero manual interference.

AutoLeadStar’s Acquire is Stellantis certified and 100% co-op (T3AC) eligible!


Our Story

AutoLeadStar was established by three founders with a clear vision:
Create a technology that upends digital marketing in the automotive industry.
Acquire, born of that vision, optimizes dealership marketing by leveraging cutting-edge AI-driven automations.

What started as a dream with a group of friends working out of a small Jerusalem apartment is now a growing tech-company of top-tier engineers, data scientists, and world-class customer success managers dedicated to helping dealerships meet and surpass their sales goals every month.


If I have Acquire, do I still need a marketing agency?

SEM agencies have three central functions: strategy building, creative development, and media buying. Acquire does all three so as a dealer you could forgo an agency not just because you can run media, but also because Acquire automatically generates creative and is built around coverage strategies.

How does Acquire budget allocation work?

Acquire builds audiences using advanced targeting techniques so that only the most relevant and likely to convert users see your ads. This is done in order to maximize your marketing spend and make the most of your budget. Acquire’s AI knows how to measure each shopper based on the likelihood they will become a lead. Acquire then calculates how much to invest in “buying” that lead.

Does Acquire use Smart Bidding?

Acquire campaigns within Google and Facebook utilize Smart Bidding strategies. Google campaigns are set to “Maximize Conversions,” which is a Smart Bidding strategy that automatically sets keyword bids to help get the most conversions for your campaign. On Facebook, Acquire uses “Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO),” which automatically manages your campaign budget across ad sets to get you the overall best results.

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