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AutoLeadStar to sell more cars

Market each car – and know each customer – as if they’re your only one.

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Dealership marketing support from AutoLeadStar

Get found online

Convert your traffic

Understand your data

One platform.
Many reasons to use.

“I wasn’t able to keep up with inventory changes until now.”

-E-commerce Director

“My staff can now focus on selling cars instead of manually uploading ads.”

-General Manager

“I saved thousands of dollars and maximized performance with real machine learning.”

-Dealer Principal

“We’re able to close more appointments with data-rich leads.”

-BDC Manager

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Stop working around the limitations of today’s “digital” marketing. The AutoLeadStar Platform is built on a technology so powerful it allows you to market, sell, and service cars as you would in the real world, at scale.

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What does AutoLeadStar do for your dealership?

Keep your shoppers focused using a seamless experience

Crush your competition from start to finish

Create new revenue opportunities from you customer base

Move inventory faster with data-driven marketing strategies

Get found online – show each customer the right ad at the right time.

Drive sales-ready traffic to your website, run multiple, VIN-level inventory/ incentive ads for each car, part and service, and show each customer tailored ads, based on their online behavior, at the right time.

Get found online – show each customer the right ad at the right time.

Convert your hard-won traffic into sales-ready prospects.

Target your website visitors with personalized, streamlined messages.

Convert your hard-won traffic into sales-ready prospects.

Know what’s happening with your dealership data, in real time.

Gain access to all platform performance metrics in one place with real-time event logs, and easy access reports all in one dashboard.

Know what’s happening with your dealership data, in real time.

One platform, but you get it all.

Smart Chatbot

Zipcode Targeting

Google Analytics

Lookalike Audiences


Search Targeting

Display Targeting

Facebook Marketplace



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Customer Insight

CRM Integration


Digital Advertising

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Technology that mimics you

Technology that mimics you

Technology driven dealership marketing support from AutoLeadStar

Technology that mimics you

You Know each car

You assess each customer

you make the match

Finally, technology that is
powerful enough to do the same.

Take a look under the tech hood

customer stories

Derek Pound

General Manager of Colonial Auto Group


“AutoLeadStar’s CDXP connected our previously siloed data for smart, targeted marketing campaigns at scale. It really works- we’ve seen an increase in quality leads and car sales.”

Talon Amsbaugh

eCommerce & Marketing Director of Chrysler Hyundai of Seattle


“After years of working with countless vendors and 3rd party companies, even being a marketing provider myself in a prior life, I can easily say that AutoLeadStar is hands down the best choice we could have made for these reasons and many more… If you’re looking for a new marketing provider, stop. You just found it.”

Justin Harmon

Marketing Director of Eide Chrysler


“After a few days of activating AutoLeadStar, I immediately noticed an influx of leads and most importantly sales. I’ve never seen a platform deliver so many results in such a short time.”

Kyle Mountsier

Business Development Director of Nelson Mazda Murfreesboro


“The team at AutoLeadStar is truly a partner in every sense of the word. You would expect a software company that prides itself on AI to allow machine learning to do everything…”

Brandon Sweeney

Marketing Manager of Quirk Automotive


“Acquire made it seamless to optimize and change our budget in real time and react to the dynamic market. We saved thousands of dollars with a lower cost per lead, while still maintaining a high lead count…all without lifting a finger.”

Jacob Tice

Director of Digital Operations of South Tacoma Auto


“Our ramp-up with AutoLeadStar over the spring exceeded my expectations and has dramatically improved our website’s efficiency both with sales and service conversions.”

Numbers speak louder than words

4.5x Leads

Switching from manual to automated marketing strategies brings 4.5x the leads

80% decrease in CPL

Bring down your cost per lead by automating budget allocation for best results

95-105% budget allocation

Our platfom is fully ramped to utilize 95-105% of a dealers budget while still aligning with our best practices for lowest cost per lead.

AutoLeadStar has become the one partner that we couldn’t live without.

– Derek DeBoer

Derek DeBoer