We know how important it is for dealers to acquire vehicles and fill in their lots, especially now with inventory shortages and production backups! So we’re happy to announce more tools in our arsenal to help dealers win with Vehicle Acquisition: 1) support for Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer 2) Vehicle Acquisition Campaigns.

New Dealership Service: KBB ICO 💸
Is your dealership using KBB ICO? With this new Dealership Service, you can make sure to route shoppers directly to the ICO page on your dealership website, with the flip of a switch.

Vehicle Acquisition Campaigns 🚗
Nurture is activating more of your shoppers and turning customers into repeat buyers. Now, you can engage these customers around new vehicle acquisition campaigns! Want to buy a shopper’s vehicle? Offer cash for a trade-in? Purchase before the next lease renewal? Nurture’s got your back with campaigns for all of these scenarios.