The Pre-Order Inventory feature allows AutoLeadStar to promote vehicle models that have not yet been released, but are available for pre-order. The Pre-Order Inventory feature is a platform level feature which enables Acquire to create advertising and Connect to offer engagements and retargeting around these vehicles.

When pre-order vehicles are added into the AutoLeadStar platform, a new objective inside Acquire is opened which contains bundles of ads and keywords related to the pre-order inventory. This objective will be automatically turned ON for all active Acquire channels and may only be paused from within the Pre-Order Inventory Data source.

Additionally, a new Connect module called Pre-Order Inventory will be activated which includes a lead capture form that triggers on the Pre-Order vehicle landing page. This module will appear for those coming to this landing page from ALL traffic sources including Acquire. Connect will also retarget onsite shoppers who have been to the Pre-Order landing page with an engagement to convert on that vehicle.