Reach new levels of paid search with fast, easy, competitive ads that integrates with OEM data and incentives. 

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AutoLeadStar Testimonial

I love AutoLeadStar because they keep my dealership on the cutting edge. None of the antiquated ideas and technologies that plague the industry. They think different.



Market every vehicle in your inventory at any scale.

AutoLeadStar partners with Google, FB, and Instagram to advertise wherever your shoppers are spending the most time. With seamless inventory and incentive integrations, you can now market every vehicle in your lot as if it’s your only vehicle.

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Streamline ads and landing pages with the same message, instantly.

Personalize the shopping experience with the same message across each touchpoint during the buying journey. Create consistency from the first ad to the landing page.

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Streamline ads and landing pages with the same message, instantly

Accessible and transparent reporting.

AutoLeadStar creates an event log of every action and update to optimize your account so you can track everything in one place. Since all data sources are updated in real time, you’ll see up-to-date changes in your paid ad strategy multiple times a day.

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