our latest feature releases

Pre-Order Inventory Platform Feature

The Pre-Order Inventory feature allows AutoLeadStar to promote vehicle models that have not yet been released, but are available for pre-order. The Pre-Order Inventory feature is a platform level feature which enables Acquire to create advertising and Connect to offer engagements and retargeting around these vehicles. When pre-order vehicles are added into the AutoLeadStar platform, a new objective inside Acquire is opened which contains bundles of ads and keywords related to the pre-order inventory. This objective will be automatically turned ON for all active Acquire channels and may only be paused from within the Pre-Order Inventory Data source. Additionally, a new Connect module called Pre-Order Inventory will be activated which includes a lead capture form that triggers on the Pre-Order vehicle landing page. This module will appear for those coming to this landing page from ALL traffic sources including Acquire. Connect will also retarget onsite shoppers who have been to the Pre-Order landing page with an engagement to convert on that vehicle.

New Ad Bundle: Sell Your Car

While inventory levels ramp back up, dealers still need cars on the lot to sell. Trade-in is not always an option so dealers must find creative ways to transact. Introducing, the latest ad-bundle inside the Acquire Trade-In Objective, Sell Your Car. Sell Your Car Ad Bundles speak to cash-back or sell-us-your-car programs at the dealership and help to make sure your dealership is still capturing leads, maintaining market share in your area, and most importantly, transacting.

New Dealership Service: Available Inventory Promotion

Available Inventory Promotion is a Dealership Service which allows dealers to promote the fact that they have inventory on the lot and available for purchase. This is especially useful when dealership inventory levels are low, manufacturer production is limited, or when hot, newly released models are in great demand. When the Available Inventory Promotion Dealer Service is enabled, Acquire automatically creates and deploys special templates and bundles under New and Used inventory objectives across the Search, Display, and Social channels. We recommend leveraging the Connect Quick React module and adjusting the messaging to reflect your offerings so that all visitors to your website are presented with a message that aligns with your available offers.

Ignite Specials Page Upgrade

Ignite generates and displays the best available offers based on your inventory, pricing, rebates, incentives, residuals, and other dealership set parameters. Ignite's incentives are compliant, up-to-date, and automatically generated so the dealership can focus on selling cars instead of updating website offers. And now, the Ignite Specials page has a new and improved look, making it easier for shoppers to find the vehicle information they need and the incentives they want.

New Objective: Competitors

The Competitors objective is one of eight objectives in the Acquire product. Objectives are a grouping within the ads structure and are pre-determined. Each objective contains a specific goal.  The Ad Bundles and Ads within that objective seek to accomplish that goal. To read more about the Ad structure in Acquire, click here. Goals The goal of the Competitors objective is twofold: to target potential customers looking to shop your competitors as well as to conquest customers who have expressed interest or shown intent to shop your competitors via 3rd party websites. 

New Subprime Financing Dealership Service

Many dealerships want to advertise that they offer, or work with financial institutions who offer, subprime financing to customers with bad, low, or no credit in order to help them finance vehicles. If your dealership offers this type of financing, Acquire now provides a subprime advertising feature which enables you to publicize this service to your shoppers and customers. While some brands support this, others do not, so the subprime advertising feature is OFF by default when a new account is opened. Once turned ON, this service will automatically create and insert subprime financing templates inside the Acquire Ads on Google Search, Display, and Social for the dealership.  

Vin-Level Offers Now Inside Dealership Offers

Dealership Offers are a data source from which the AutoLeadStar platform may receive Dealer inputs in order to create Offers (Connect) and Ads (Acquire) which reflect the specials offered at the Dealership. Dealership offers allow you to upload your own offers directly into the platform in order to create Ads and Offers to be leveraged across the AutoLeadStar products and provide up-to-date and relevant Dealer incentives to shoppers across the customer journey. Dealership Offers support model, trim, and VIN level incentives!