our latest feature releases

AutoLeadStar Supports Google Analytics 4

  • AutoLeadStar now firing events into Google Analytics 4 for our customers (Read More)
  • We are working together with the ASC to create consistent industry standards in GA4 (Read More)

New Nurture Service Campaigns + RO

  • New Nurture Service Campaigns now available (Read More)
  • Retain service customers, activate service shoppers, or get more sales from your service lane

New Nurture Campaign: Pre-Order Inventory

  • engage shoppers who’s VOI model matches vehicles you've added in Pre-Order Inventory. (Learn more)
  • dealers can now move vehicles before they even hit the lot!

Data Lake by AutoLeadStar

  • The simple way for your dealership to build a data strategy (Learn more)
  • New Data Lake: shopper and inventory data connected, cleaned, and accessible

Updated CDXP Navigation

  • Updated, easy-to-use Dashboard navigation (Learn more)
  • New Data Lake: shopper and inventory data connected, cleaned, and accessible (watch the video)

Shopper Quality Score

  • The Shopper Quality Score helps dealers to understand how qualified a shopper is. (Learn more)
  • Enable your sales team to prioritize follow-up, empower your BDC to expedite processes

New Nurture Campaign: Newly Listed Inventory

  • engage shoppers who’s VOI matches a vehicle recently arrived on lot / added to the inventory feed. (Learn more)
  • dealers move inventory quicker, shoppers get the jump on the newest goods

New CDXP Page: The Shopper Page

  • View a timeline of the entire shopper journey to date (Learn more)
  • See all Nurture emails, Acquire Ads, Connect engagements served to this Shopper
  • Combines multiple shopper entities into one

New CDXP Page: Shoppers Page

  • The Shoppers Page gives you a taste of what connected shopper journeys look like.
  • Click into any shopper and see their Shopper Page with a complete marketing activity timeline (Learn more).

New CDXP Page: Data Sources

  • New look and layout inside our CDXP
  • Data Sources page is where you can view and connect all your data to the CDXP platform. (Learn more)

New CDXP Dashboard Layout

  • New and intuitive left side navigation menu (watch the video)
  • Condensed and streamlined Acquire menu
  • New Data Sources and Shoppers pages

Google Ads API Migration Complete

  • AutoLeadStar migration to the new Google Ads API v10 is complete (Learn more).
  • These changes enable us to begin work on New Ad types, Google Performance Max, Google Discovery + Lead Gen

New Nurture Setting: Advertise MSRP or Dealer Price

  • New Nurture setting added for customer emails (Learn more)
  • Dealerships can choose to include either MSRP or Adjusted Dealer Price in emails
  • More flexibility, customization options

Last Call Overview Page Enhancements

  • New metric available inside Last Call overview (Learn more)
  • Track inventory average days on lot before/ after Last Call
  • More ROI reporting for your team

New Reporting Page for Last Call

  • New reporting available inside Last Call Dashboard (Learn more)
  • Track performance of Last Call promoted vehicles
  • Dive into Last Call Shopper journeys

New and Improved Group Performance Page

  • Provides a consolidated view of performance across rooftops (Learn more)
  • 360 view of connections between products
  • View aggregated reporting or dive into individual rooftops

Updated Platform Performance Page – NOW LIVE

  • Updated Platform Performance Page, shows entire CDXP (Learn more)
  • Drill thru for higher resolution on reporting
  • Date range picker for daily, weekly, monthly or custom view

New Nurture Overview Page – NOW LIVE

  • Updated Nurture overview page, improved UI/UX (Learn more)
  • More data, updated reporting
  • Customer stories to highlight impact and performance

Holiday Email Templates LIVE in Nurture

  • New Nurture Holiday Email Templates (Learn  more)
  • Designed to drive more relevant traffic to your website, boost onsite conversions, and create a fun, festive customer experience

New Vehicle Acquisition Features

  • Support for Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer (Learn more)
  • Vehicle Acquisition Campaigns live inside Nurture (Learn more)

Last Call Across the AutoLeadStar Platform

  • Last Call now inside of Connect, onsite conversion (Learn more)
  • Onsite retargeting of Last Call shoppers
  • Last Call exit-capture retargets for up to 30 days after shopper sees a Last Call VDP

New Ignite Specials Page Upgrade

  • The Ignite Specials page has a new and improved UX/UI (Learn more)
  • It's now easier for shoppers to find the vehicle information they need and the incentives they want

Pre-Order Inventory Platform Feature

  • Promote models that haven't been released, but are available for pre-order (Learn more)
  • Enables Acquire to create ads, Connect to offer engagements and retargeting

New Ad Bundle: Sell Your Car

  • A new ad-bundle inside the Trade-In Objective (Learn more)
  • Help your dealership capture leads, maintain market share, transact - during a shortage

New Dealership Service: Available Inventory Promotion

  • Allows dealers to promote that they have inventory! (Learn more)
  • Includes special templates under New and Used inventory objectives
  • Available for Search, Display, and Social

Ignite Specials Page Upgrade

  • The Ignite Specials page has a new and improved UX/UI (Learn more)
  • It's now easier for shoppers to find the vehicle information they need and the incentives they want

New Objective: Competitors

  • New objective added to Acquire: Competitors (Learn more)
  • The goal of the objective is 1) to target customers shopping your competitors 2) to conquest customers via 3rd party websites. 

New Subprime Financing Dealership Service

  • New dealership service to support subprime financing (Learn more)
  • Acquire now provides a subprime advertising (opt-in)
  • Available on Search, Display, and Social

Vin-Level Offers Now Inside Dealership Offers

  • Dealership Offers, a platform data source, now supports model, trim, and VIN level incentives! (Learn more)