AutoLeadStar’s CDXP

Customer data & experience platforms clean and consolidate consumer data into one place so dealerships can leverage for omni-channel marketing.

What is data connectivity?

Data connectivity is the process of taking siloed, disjointed data and connecting it together into one organized, cohesive system. This keeps modern businesses productive and in-line with customer expectations today. When your data is connected, you can leverage machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics to make data-driven decisions for marketing, sales, and other departments.

What is data orchestration?

Data connectivity is only half the battle, though. Data orchestration is the automation of data processing and data-driven decision making. Once the data sources are connected, data orchestration turns the consolidated data into marketing action that translates into a seamless customer shopping experience.

Achieving Data Connectivity and Orchestration in Automotive

The ability to fully harness data is quickly becoming a must-have automotive superpower in building economically resilient dealerships. On November 30, 2022, we opened our API to create more opportunities for data connectivity. We encourage vendors to get in touch so we can begin the API integration process.


Gain access to our Introduction to CDXP for Automotive whitepaper including the fundamentals of CDP, CDXP, evolution of CDXP, and the applications of CDXP in automotive. Discover how CDXP can streamline your marketing by using an omni-channel approach.

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The CDXP Customer Journey

Get a glimpse into the CDXP customer journey

AutoLeadStar’s CDXP platform customizes your user’s journeys at every step of the way. Any interaction a single user has with your brand immediately dictates what their next touchpoint will look like- tailor-made to their experience.

Data Integration & Normalization

AutoLeadStar’s CDXP consolidates your siloed data sources into one integrated platform. The CDXP then cleans, normalizes, and maintains your data.

Automate Audiences

The CDXP uses AI to slice and dice your data to automatically create hundreds of hyper-specific audiences for targeted ad campaigns.

Execute Marketing Campaigns

The AI instantly generates hundreds of ad & search campaigns, hyper-personalized emails, and dynamic landing pages and uses machine learning to optimize your budgets for leads.

In-Depth Reporting

Get detailed, data rich views of your shoppers at every step of the shopping journey with easily exportable and understandable reports.

Why Dealerships Need a Customer Data & Experience Platform (CDXP)

Dealership marketing teams can reclaim their time and put their energy toward strategy and goals.

Sales teams can stop logging into multiple dashboards and view one, unified shopper entity with extensive, data rich lead data and shopper journeys.

Today’s shoppers will experience a consistent message on and off site, in real time, with hyper-targeted and personalized offers at every step of the buying journey.

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