AutoLeadStar is honored to be selected as one of eight vendors for this year’s Kain Automotive Idea Exchange 3.0 run by Kain Automotive.

Because of his passion and wealth for knowledge within the dealer world, Kain is a widely respected owner, active speaker, and consistent contributor in dealer news. His work in internet sales speaks for itself as reflected in one of his many works becoming a co-founder of the leading provider to Ford and Lincoln dealers,

The Kain team encompasses a handful of leaders and influencers including Jessica Kain herself. Similar to her father, Jessica maintains a passion for the car business and is on a mission to facilitate better communication between trainers and clients in her role as Client Relations Manager.

Inside this forum, dealers and vendors alike collaborate for the purpose of exchanging ideas with members that share similar passions and experiences. The forum also creates a space to generate ideas for better sales and profit results inside every dealership such as digital marketing strategies and training, social media, and texting policies.

As a proud supporter of the Kain team, AutoLeadStar’s CEO, Aharon Horwitz explains, “We are always looking for opportunities to add new ideas to our automotive dealership ecosystem. We believe in vendors collaborating around the end goal of helping the dealer be successful. Because of this, we are delighted to take part in this year’s Kain Automotive Idea Exchange.”

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