VIN-Level Marketing for Dealerships

Move challenging inventory off your lot faster with best-in-class VIN-level marketing.

The new way to move more challenging inventory off your lot, faster.  VIN-specific, AI-powered marketing campaigns dedicated to sending qualified traffic to your must-go vehicles.

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The new way of moving slow-moving inventory.

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Your digital popup storefront has a dedicated website for your slow-moving inventory so you can focus on reducing lot rot and flooring costs.

Select slow-moving inventory

Last Call’s AI automatically selects your dealership’s slow-moving inventory for you, but you can hand-pick the vehicles you want to showcase in your digital pop-up.

Launch marketing campaigns

Automated, VIN-level ads to drive qualified shoppers to your slow-moving inventory storefront, and turn them into buyers.

VIN-Level Marketing for Dealerships

VIN-Level Marketing FAQ's

What is VIN-specific advertising?

VIN-specific advertising focuses on marketing your vehicles on the VIN-level making 1:1 matches between shoppers and inventory. Every vehicle is different and should therefore get different marketing attention.

Why your dealership needs VIN-specific advertising

Every dealership should invest in VIN-specific strategy since it capitalizes on every single vehicle on your lot and makes sure each vehicle gets the right advertising attention. This also lowers your dealership’s cost per lead (CPL) by making the best match between every vehicle and every shopper without missing a beat.

How do car dealerships advertise VIN-specific inventory?

AutoLeadStar’s Last Call VIN-level marketing distributes ads on Google and Social to make sure the aged VINs are reaching the shoppers. You can always zoom in on marketing activity for any VIN advertised on Last Call to understand the performance and traffic driven to that VIN.

How do I track Last Call traffic in Google Analytics?

It’s important to track reporting on your aged VIN marketing strategy. Here is how you do this with Last Call:

  • Log into your Google Analytics Account
  • View property and view that seems most generic (typically entitled “Main Website”)
  • Left side navigation menu > Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns. Scroll down mid page below graph and type into search bar “last-call” (in this way you will see a filtered view of traffic only from Last Call

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