Put an end to lot rot with AI-powered VIN-level marketing
for car dealerships.

Move challenging inventory off your lot
with VIN-specific, smart ad campaigns.

🔥 Say goodbye to lot rot with AI-powered VIN-level ad campaigns! 🔥

Instantly create hundreds of VIN-specific ad campaigns designed to get your aging inventory sold.

Move your challenging inventory off the lot 60% faster with ads driven by machine learning.

Automatically target hyper-segmented audiences to get your inventory seen.

If it’s not getting seen, it’s not getting sold. Dealers using Last Call see a 97% increase in quality VDP views for aging inventory.

Strike while the lead is hot with real-time notifications.

Receive text messages instantly for every meaningful action taken on a promoted VDP to enable your sales team to take quick action.

Advertise slow-moving inventory without draining your marketing budget.

Last Call uses machine learning to automatically optimize your dedicated VIN-specific budget to support better performing ads across platforms.

🔥 Say goodbye to lot rot with AI-powered VIN-level ad campaigns! 🔥

AutoLeadStar Testimonial

Don Erwin

Digital Director
at Mtn View Auto

First impressions pertaining to Last Call from AutoLeadStar: BLOWN AWAY! They tripled the traffic they guaranteed, and did it inside of 20 days instead of the full month. Move your aged inventory AND make a profit!

How It Works

Data Integration

Determine a threshold for how long a vehicle can stay on the lot at your dealership before it is considered aged inventory.

Ad Automation

Last Call automatically scans your inventory and pulls in vehicles that have passed the threshold.

Multi-Platform Targeting

Using the power of AI, Last Call instantly generates hundreds of social and search ad campaigns optimized to bring visits to VDPs for aging inventory.

Real Time Optimization

For every meaningful interaction that occurs on a VDP advertised with Last Call, you receive a real-time text and email so your sales team can follow-up and make the sale.

🔥 Say goodbye to lot rot with AI-powered VIN-level ad campaigns! 🔥

Our Story

AutoLeadStar was established by three founders with a clear vision:
Create a technology that upends digital marketing in the automotive industry.

What started as a dream with a group of friends working out of a small Jerusalem apartment is now a growing tech-company of top-tier engineers, data scientists, and world-class customer success managers dedicated to helping dealerships meet and surpass their sales goals every month.


What is VIN-specific advertising?

VIN-specific advertising focuses on marketing your vehicles on the VIN-level making 1:1 matches between shoppers and inventory. Every vehicle is different and should get different marketing attention.

Why does my dealership need VIN-specific advertising?

VIN-specific advertising lowers your dealership’s cost per lead (CPL) by making the best match between every vehicle and every shopper without missing a beat.

How does Last Call advertise VIN-specific inventory?

AutoLeadStar’s Last Call VIN-level marketing distributes ads on Google and social media platforms to make sure aged VINs are reaching the right shoppers. You can always zoom in on marketing activity for any VIN advertised on Last Call to understand ad performance and the traffic driven to a specific VIN.

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