Live from Miami



June 1, 2022 @12 PM EST

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Grab your sunblock and chill the champagne. AutoLeadStar invites you to our first-ever LIVE LAUNCH event tuning in from sunny Miami, Florida ☀️

We know every work-day second counts, which is why we’ve jam-packed this event with 30 minutes of meaningful content.

Join for as much as you can, but don’t feel pressured to stay—the launch will be recorded and shared out the week after the conference so you can catch up on what you missed.

siloed data,
hello seamless

Join AutoLeadStar in the official reveal of automotive’s first Customer Data & Experience Platform. We’re on a mission to consolidate all customer data and leverage it to create seamless omni-channel marketing journeys tailor-made for your dealership.

Our Speakers.

Aharon Horwitz

As CEO and co-founder of AutoLeadStar, Aharon is passionate about bringing cutting-edge technology solutions to the forward-thinking dealership. He leads a team committed to increasing dealership sales through improved efficiency, scalability, and personalized customer experience.

Ido Elad

As Director of Product at AutoLeadStar, Ido harnesses his energy through building innovative products from the ground up. With a strong background in software engineering, he continuously looks for ways to make an impact – from crazy first ideas to the data analysis of millions of users – and everything in between.

Mollie Monett

As Brand and Design Lead at AutoLeadStar, Mollie finds motivation through growing and strengthening the AutoLeadStar look and feel. Mollie’s creative skills and keen eye for design allow her to proactively build brands into a differentiating household name.

No one likes fomo.

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