Fullpath Quarterly Launches

As part of our mission to consistently create industry disrupting technology, AutoLeadStar has committed to a quarterly live launch release of a cutting edge product or feature that directly addresses the needs of dealers.

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23 May 2023
12:00 pm EST
Austin, Texas

Fullpath Live Launch: Q2 2023

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18 Aug 2022
12:00 pm EST
Cleveland, Ohio

Data Lake

Catch AutoLeadStar’s Q3 Live Launch featuring Data Lake – Automotive’s first data analysis tool designed to bring dealers a simpler way to build out their data strategy at a low-cost price. Data Lake collects, cleans, and organizes your data to make it customizable and exportable, giving you the most powerful insights and fuel for your business. Build your dealership’s data strategy today with Data Lake by AutoLeadStar.



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About the speaker

Aharon Horwitz
CEO, Co-founder
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Mike Colacchio
VP of Sales
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About the speaker

Mollie Monett
Head of Branding
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