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  • Automotive


    How Does a Dealership Preserve Marketing Data—If at All—When Going Through a Buy/Sell?

    During a buy/sell, a dealership goes through many changes. Mike Renaud, the Vice President of Leader in Cars Auto Group, knows that while every aspect of a dealership is affected during a buy/sell, the marketing department plays a key role in helping the dealership through the transition.

    Join Ilana Shabtay in this episode of Inside Auto Podcast as she sits down with Mike Renaud, the Vice President of Leader in Cars Auto Group. Mike shares his experience in the automotive industry and discusses what a dealership’s marketing department needs to keep in mind during a buy/sell. He also talks about how to preserve data during a buy/sell, the benefits of data cleaning, and the campaigns that are most successful during this unprecedented time.

  • Brand and Marketing


    The Secrets of Digital Retailing in Automotive

    Tune in to this episode of Inside Auto Podcast as Ilana Shabtay is joined by Michelle Denogean, the Chief Marketing Officer of Roadster. Michelle discusses the developments that have been made in the automotive industry due to COVID-19, shares her predictions for the future of digital retailing, and reveals her brand and marketing secrets. Stay tuned.

  • Personal Stories


    Chase Fraser talks about his journey to Fraser Mccombs Capital

    Want to know what it takes to bring your company to 1Mil? What about 25Mil? Chase Fraser from Fraser Mccombs talks about his entrepreneurial journey and gives advice on how to succeed.  Tune in to hear best practices and predictions for what will keep automotive strong in the next few years.

  • Brand and Marketing


    Dealer Analytics with Dale Early

    Dale Early, Dealer Principal at Hyundai of Silsbee, joins us to talk about the changes at the dealership since COVID-19 hit the industry. Tune in to hear what Dale predicts for the automotive industry for the rest of the year.

  • Automotive


    What’s up with David Kain during quarantine?

    We all know David Kain, but in this episode, David shares with us how he has kept busy during these quarantine months! Besides for taking on a new hobby, David is continuing to help dealers power through this time to keep BDCs productive and sales on an all-time high. Tune in for more information.

  • Data Analytics


    Derek West discusses data-driven marketing at Autobahn Auto Group

    Derek West has 19 years of experience working for Autobahn Automotive Group.  Starting with selling cars and side-gigging marketing in the early 2000s, Derek has seen it all when it comes to automotive marketing evolution.  Tune in to hear more about his journey.

  • Customer Story


    Derek and Brooke Deboer from FastLife TV talk about raising a racing family

    Derek and Brooke are quite the power couple.  Owning a dealership group, race-winning on weekends, directing their own Amazon Prime TV show, and launching a life coaching business… all while raising 3 children together! Tune in to learn more about the Deboers.

  • Brand and Marketing


    Marat Pashkevich from Shift Digital shares his lifelong passion for cars and technology

    Marat shares his journey from his first job working in a race shop to his current role. He also discusses the evolution of technology in dealerships, the importance of building rapport with dealers, and what lies ahead for the car buying process. Learn more about Marat and his marketing expertise in this episode. 

  • Data Analytics


    Hoosh Karimabadi, MileOne Marketing Director talks data

    This episode features Senior Director of Marketing and Business Intelligence at MileOne, Hoosh Karimabadi. Hoosh oversees the marketing strategy for the 80 store group and shares his experience building media mix models he’s developed to help him track metrics.

  • Customer Story


    Automation increased leads by 33% despite pandemic crisis, with CEO of AutoLeadStar, Aharon Horwitz

    We flipped the script on this episode and interviewed our CEO and co-founder of AutoLeadStar. Learn about the controlled study AutoLeadStar conducted on its client: a comparison of a dealership group that uses marketing automation on some stores, and traditional marketing methods on others.  Tune in to hear results.