AutoLeadStar’s Stellantis
certified solutions

AutoLeadStar is officially certified with our powerful Acquire, Last Call, and Nurture Solutions within the CDXP; 100% co-op (T3AC) eligible.

AutoLeadStar’s Stellantis certified solutions
AutoLeadStar Testimonial

After a few days of activating AutoLeadStar, I immediately noticed an influx of leads and most importantly sales. I’ve never seen a platform deliver so many results in such a short time.



Market every vehicle in your inventory at any scale.

AutoLeadStar partners with Google, FB, and Instagram to advertise wherever your shoppers are spending the most time. With seamless inventory and incentive integrations, you can now market every vehicle in your lot as if it’s your only vehicle.

Re-awaken dead leads and generate more revenue for your dealership.

AutoLeadStar generates multiple campaigns and segments from your CRM data to send relevant, hyper-personalized emails, videos, and dynamic landing pages to your leads.

Move challenging inventory off your lot with best-in-class VIN-level marketing.

The new way to move more challenging inventory off your lot, faster. VIN-specific, AI-powered marketing campaigns dedicated to sending qualified traffic to your must-go vehicles.

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