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"AutoLeadStar has become the one partner that we couldn't live without." - Dereck Deboer, TC Chevy
  • “After a few days of activating AutoLeadStar, I immediately noticed an influx of leads and most importantly sales. I’ve never seen a platform deliver so many results in such a short time.”

    Justin Harmon, Marketing Director, Eide Chrysler
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  • “The team at AutoLeadStar is truly a partner in every sense of the word. You would expect a software company that prides itself on AI to allow machine learning to do everything…”

    Kyle Mountsier, Business Development Director, Nelson Mazda Murfreesboro
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  • “Acquire made it seamless to optimize and change our budget in real time and react to the dynamic market. We saved thousands of dollars with a lower cost per lead, while still maintaining a high lead count…all without lifting a finger.”

    Brandon Sweeney, Marketing Manager, Quirk Automotive
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  • 4.5x leads

    Switching from manual to automated marketing strategies brings 4.5x the leads

    80% decrease in CPL

    Bring down your cost per lead by automating budget allocation for best results

    95-105% budget allocation

    Our platfom is fully ramped to utilize 95-105% of a dealers budget while still aligning with our best practices for lowest cost per lead.

  • Acquire’s ability to automatically update Google ads with our VIN-specific special offers, target the most relevant shoppers and convert these clicks on our website is incredible. The efficiencies created have saved us meaningful time month in and month out. The performance of the product is off the charts.”

    Colton Ray, CMO, Walser Automotive Group
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  • “Our ramp-up with AutoLeadStar over the spring exceeded my expectations and has dramatically improved our website’s efficiency both with sales and service conversions.”

    Jacob Tice, Director of Digital Operations, South Tacoma Auto
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  • “By switching to an automated marketing operation, David Dodge cut down cost and still exceeded dealership goals with a significant increase in leads and close rate.”

    David Dodge Rep, David Dodge
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  • “We’ve been using AutoLeadStar for a number of years, and the product continues to impress. Not only is the website and mobile visible presentation simply outstanding, but the amount of work your team has done on continually improving and enhancing the behind-the-scenes…”

    Darrin Roth, Director of Operations, David Hobbs Honda
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  • “AutoLeadStar has proven to be our quantity and quality driver of leads and sales for our dealerships. Truly a great ROI that helps us turn more profit on every marketing dollar spent.”

    Vimal Sampathkumar, Cobia Marketing, Agency for Carite
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  • “Nurture’s ongoing downstream, non-confrontational engagements with our customers provides invaluable peace of mind and endless opportunity. I’m so grateful for the new business from the product.”

    Delano Palmer, General Manager, Tony T CDJR
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Here's how our customers are using AutoLeadStar

  • Identify

    Identify high-intent shoppers with AI driven smart marketing solutions.

  • Target

    Target quality shoppers with micro-targeted messages and offers at scale.

  • Convert

    Convert shoppers on your site with the right message at the right time.

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