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AutoLeadStar has helped hundreds of dealerships transform their digital marketing strategy to sell more cars at less of the cost. Access our automotive resources library of best practices we’ve carefully curated to help you navigate your business efforts.

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AutoLeadStar Live Launch: Q2 2022

Get an exclusive reveal of automotive’s first Customer Data and Experience Platform (CDXP), learn from AutoLeadStar’s leading engineers, hear from key clients, and so much more.


Era of In-House Whitepaper

While automotive marketing agencies once made sense in their prime, it’s the dealerships that now utilize in-house automated technologies that will catapult over their competition. Download the whitepaper to learn more.


Introduction to CDXP for Automotive

Gain access to our Introduction to CDXP for Automotive whitepaper including the fundamentals of CDP, CDXP, evolution of CDXP, and the applications of CDXP in automotive.


Data Connectivity & Orchestration for Automotive Dealerships 

Dealerships that have started this shift are seeing massive impacts on their customer journeys, making it easier for them to compete with giants that would otherwise pose a threat to their business.  Download the whitepaper to get started. 


Emerging Market Report

Dealers are highly motivated to adopt new technologies that enable digital transformation to engage new emerging markets. This report covers the emerging markets that automotive should prepare for to stay ahead of the curve.


Automotive Inventory Management Report During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Learn how to sell cars with low supply in the automotive value chain leading to lean inventory across the nation. The major wildcard of course remains inventory supply.


A Post COVID-19 Era for Automotive: The Next Leap in Dealer Technology

In this report, we explore the four major trends that constitute this opportunity, which we believe will bring the greatest transformation the industry has seen since the wave of digitization in the late 1990s. Download to learn more.


COVID-19 Analysis Report: How to Capture Leads with the Right Messaging

This report analyzes data from COVID-19-specific messaging published on search, display, and social networks, giving dealers a better understanding of how to position themselves during the outbreak.