Automotive Industry Webinars

Make the most out of your AutoLeadStar experience by watching our on-demand webinars anywhere, anytime.

Looking Backward, Looking Forward: 2022 Round Up

Our team of AutoLeadStar panelists cover all the highlights from 2022 and give unique insight into what's to be expected in 2023!

Diving into Data Lake: Leveraging your First Party Data in Real Time

Join us we show you how to leverage the power of Data Lake and take advantage of your dealerships first-party data on the daily.

The Power of Pre-Order Across you CDXP

Uncover the best way for you to own your pre-order strategy, platform wide and how honing in on pre-order through your AutoLeadStar CDXP can lead to increased revenue.

Experts Tell All: How AutoLeadStar Can Elevate Your Stellantis Dealership

In this exclusive Stellantis dealership webinar Roma Varyani & Chris Wells deep-dive into the AutoLeadStar platform and reveal the true power of our CDXP.

Customer Dashboard Tour

Join us to tour your CDXP Dashboard, and learn more about reporting, configurations, and account settings. Ideal for newly onboarded customers or those needing a refresh!

Vehicle Acquisition: Turning Insights into Actions

Product owner, Ziv Rotner and sales guru, Jon Frederick team up to show you the best way to take your vehicle acquisition data insights and turn it into real life action: more inve...Product owner, Ziv Rotner and sales guru, Jon Frederick team up to show you the best way to take your vehicle acquisition data insights and turn it into real life action: more inventory. Join us!

Leveraging our Shopper Page in a Cookieless Future

Watch this exclusive webinar for a better understanding into ins, the outs and the importance of the Shopper Page.

Navigate Nurture Campaigns Like a Pro

Gain a better understanding of where your shoppers receive direct value.

The Ins & Outs of AutoLeadStar Reporting

For those who want a quick rundown on how to drill down on AutoLeadStar metrics.

Features for Holding Down the Fort During an Inventory Shortage

Learn how to leverage our most recent features that combat the inventory shortage and help dealers remain agile while inventory levels pick up.

Inventory Management Feature – How and When to Use it

Learn best practices into boosting and excluding inventory for a successful paid advertising strategy.

Supporting your Fixed Ops Strategy with AutoLeadStar

Discover how AutoLeadStar enhances your fixed ops strategy by identifying and targeting opportunities to drive traffic to your biggest profit centers.

Top Factors that Impact CPL

Understand how CPL is calculated, ways AutoLeadStar optimizes for the cheapest CPL, and how budget allocation and inventory boost affect CPL.

A 2020 Lookback & Product Roadmap 2021

Join the Chief of Product and Co-founder, Eliav Moshe, as he reviews the top 2020 features and gives a sneak peek into the 2021 product roadmap.

Templates – The Building Blocks of Acquire

Use this webinar to review the building blocks of Acquire and how your dealership can leverage this powerful foundation

It’s All in the Numbers – How to Track Platform Performance

Dive into AutoLeadStar's platform performance page that brings in all your metrics so you can track full-funnel performance seamlessly.

Understanding Inventory Management for Your Paid Advertising Strategy

Connect with our product experts on best practices and get behind the scenes of our algorithms and machine learning technology.